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Designed and manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards, Rheem builds quality products trusted for reliable performance in all Australian conditions.

Things to consider when selecting a Solar Water Heater

  • The additional components found in a solar water heater are both more expensive to buy and require additional labour to install. Lower running costs and both State and Federal Government incentives ensure that these costs are more than paid back over the life of the unit. Heat pumps, which don't have collectors, are slightly cheaper to install but are marginally less efficient than solar systems.
  • Solar water heaters have the lowest running costs of any water heater as they use the sun's energy to heat water. Heat pumps take heat from the air and transfer this into the water. They typically use around 1/3 of the electricity to heat water compared to an electric storage water heater.
  • Solar water heaters are available in a range of tank capacities and tank mounting positions. The larger the tank, the more solar heated water that can be stored. Remember to consider both the space you have for installation and your budget. All Rheem solar water heaters come with either gas or electric boosters to ensure you have sufficient hot water all year round.
  • Powered by renewable energy, solar water heaters and heat pumps reduce electricity consumption. This displaces the need to produce electricity, and the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from its production, indirectly benefiting the environment.