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The Gas Appliance Experts

Elgas is Australia's leading supplier of LPG. Our network of over 250 agents and retail partners have a proud history of providing safe, reliable, tanker-delivered LPG to Australian homes and businesses. If you're thinking of renovating, replacing an appliance or improving your home with a gas appliance, you can't go past the experts at your local Elgas centre.

For real warmth, go with gas

There's no better way to provide real warmth to every corner of your home than with the ambient warmth of a gas heater. There is a wide range of gas heaters to choose from, so whether it's the speed and effectiveness of a radiant and connector heater or the sheer romance of a log fire in your lounge room, there's a heater just right for your needs. And while you're on the couch, you can rest easy knowing that LPG heaters and log fires are an environmentally friendly way to heat your home.

Portable Gas Heaters

These heaters are cost effective to run and provide two to four times more effective heating than electric models. Choose from a radiant, convection or fan-assisted models that can easily be moved to any room with a gas connection. Keep an eye out for the many features such as remote controls, timers, adjustable fans and valuable safety features.

Fixed Heating

These are ideal for heating large, open plan living areas. The instant heat and optional settings ensure your whole room is always cozy. Some of the larger models will require a flue to ensure exhaust gases are expelled and your room is warm and safe.